Sr.No. Description of Services Rates per MT
(in Rs.) Fertilizer/Salt/Cement/Soda
Rates per MT (in Rs.)Food grain/other notified commodities
1 Unloading from wagon and stacking in godown. 34.95/- 34.95/-
2 Unloading from truck and stacking in godown. NA NA
3 De-stacking from godown and loading on wagon. NA NA
4 De-stacking from godown and loading on trucks. 35.95/- 35.95/-
5 Unloading from wagon and directly shifting to trucks across the godown. NA as Agra Terminal works on W.M.S basis
(for handling rates are not approved)
6 WMS (where IT system is in function). NA NA
7 Reservation Charges. NA NA
8 Management Services charges. 12/- 12/-
9 Insurance and documentation charges. 6/- 6/-
10 Inter-godown/compartment shifting of stock. NA NA
General Tariff (For Storage)(w.e.f. 09/01/2017) Day Rate per MT (in Rs.)
  1 Day 15/MT
2-3 Day 22/MT
4-6 Day 24/MT
7-15 Day 27/MT
16-24 Day 37/MT
25th day onwards 45/MT

1. Tariff of other commodities not lined above, please contact the undersigned.

2. The tariff is subject to change at the discretion of CRWC and the correct tariff may be confirmed with the respective RWC Terminal Manager.

3. Necessary Service Tax as prevalent will be applicable in addition.

4. For any long term committed volumes in mutual business interests, please contact

Rajesh Kumar Singh
Manager(LOM),C.O. CRWC Ltd.
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Mob: 9810700472
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