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RWC, Ghaziabad, with a capacity of 12,200 MT was commissioned in two phases. Phase-I of 6,000 MT started in the month of March 2007 and phase –II of 6,200 MT started in the month of September 2008. Ghaziabad is the only goods shed for feeding the areas of Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida, where a lot of infrastructure development work is underway. The terminal is being currently operated on the dedicated basis by M/s. AVG Logistics. Following are the details of the Centre:

S.No. Attribute Information
1 Name of the Centre RWC GHAZIABAD
2 Address of the Centre N.M siding,  Kotgaon railways crossing,  Ghaziabad
3 Railway Zone Northern Railway
4 Date of Commencement of Operation at the terminal September 2008
5 Total Capacity of the terminal 12200
6 Warehouse area
Circulating Area
Total area
9872 sq.mtrs.
4646 sq.mtrs.
14518 sq.mtrs.
7 Compartments available for storage Yes
8 Facilities provided Round the clock security arrangement
DG set 63 KVA
Washroom and water facility for clients
9 No. of wagons handled in the previous financial year i.e.,2014-15 6267 Wagons
10 Commodities handled at the Terminal Cement
11 Major users utilizing the services of Terminal Ultra tech Cement, Acc Cement, Maihar Cement, J.K Laxmi Cement, J.P Cement, Wonder Cement
12 Name, contact no. and e-mail id of Terminal In-charge Prateek Soni(8467015299)
E-mail id:
Map url,77.4336,870m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x390cf1d83d97276f:0x2aa99bb2bd2b8c22!8m2!3d28.6456163!4d77.4367263?hl=en-IN