To provide Multi Modal Logistics to the trade and support Indian economy in reducing logistics cost.


To provide efficient rail based total logistic solutions, leveraging economy of scale to the advantage of all stakeholders.

Brief Profile 

Central Railside Warehouse Company Limited (CRWC) a Mini-Ratna, Category-II, Public Sector Enterprise was incorporated on 10.07.2007 under the Companies Act, 1956. CRWC is also registered as medium scale enterprise under MSME Act 2006 in 2019. The Company constructs and manages railside warehouse complexes across India under the MOU with Ministry of Railways, Government of India.


CRWC aims to develop dedicated rail handling facilities (adjoining rail sidings) giving a boost to rail freight and in facilitating logistics requirement of its customers. Its objective is to promote the business of multimodal transport operations and aggregation/disaggregation of cargo for both domestic and impex movement.


CRWC has been providing integrated warehouse management and related logistic services, thereby, increasing overall efficiency, cost optimization, prevention of damages/pilferage, reduction in detention time of rakes and improved quality of service all under one roof.


The authorized and paid-up share capital of CRWC is Rs.150 Cr. and Rs 40.56 Cr respectively. The entire paid-up share capital is presently being held by Central Warehousing Corporation. 


CRWC has 20 Railside warehouse complexes with a total operational storage capacity of 3.55 LMT and rated capacity of 2.59 LMT. Three more Railside warehouse complexes are under construction. CRWC is also providing efficient rail based total logistics solution, leveraging economy of scale to the advantage of all stakeholders.


The Tripartite MoU with Ministry of Railways dated 22.04.2013 has been revised on 14.5.2021, which provides wider scope for expansion and growth to CRWC.


In June 2021, Cabinet has approved merger of CRWC with CWC and in case of merger of CRWC with CWC, the Tripartite MoU will apply on CWC.


Ministry of Railways vide its letter dated 2012/TC(FM)/23/09 dated 08.04.2022 has approved following ten locations for development of Railside Warehouse Complexes:-


(i) Nandganj, Varanasi, UP

(ii) Chariali, Assam

(iii) Dohna, UP

(iv) Asarwa, Ahmedabad

(v) Jagannathpur, Orissa

(vi) Cuttack, Orissa

(vii) Changra Bandha, West Bengal

(viii) Hasimara, West Bengal

(ix) Jirania, Tripurs and

(x) Vatva, Gujrat


Another tripartite MoU signed amongst CRWC, CWC and KRCL was signed on 04.03.2022 for development and maintenance of goodsheds and Railside Warehouse Complexes (RWCs) on the lands owned and controlled by KRCL at various railway stations/ goodsshed as well as at other locations (within goods-shed/ nearby area) for meeting the logistics requirement of its customers and to provide better services.


List of 12 locations under KRCL are as follows:

(i) Chiplun, Maharashtra

(ii) Ratnagiri, Maharashtra,

(iii) Zarap, Maharashtra

(iv) Khed, Maharashtra

(v) Karanjadi, Maharashtra

(vi) Verna, Goa

(vii) Karwar, Karnatka

(viii) Ankola, Karnatka

(ix) Udupi, Karnatka

(x) Thokur, Karnatka

(xi) Surathkal, Karnatka

(xii) Indapur, Maharashtra


CRWC had also signed MOU with Arunachal Pradesh Agriculture Marketing Board (APAMB), Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh for setting up of FARM GATE Logistics in Arunachal Pradesh in three Districts of Arunachal Pradesh viz. Lower Subansiri, Changlang and Lohit. CRWC has received 1.50 Crore from APAMB towards capital investment for the implementation of the project. The project is under implementation.


The financial performances of the Company for the Financial FY 2021-22 are as under:

Rs. In Cr.


FY 2021-22


FY 2020-21



Total turnover




Profit Before Tax




Profit After Tax





During the FY 2021-22, CRWC has paid total dividend of Rs.9.50 Crore to Central Warehousing Corporation which is 23.42% of paid-up share capital.